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heart-department.png Cardiology

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tooth-department.png Dental

ear-department.png Ear Diseases

liver-department.png Liver Diseases

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bones-department.png Bones And Fractures

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Experienced Doctors Certified and High Quality Doctors For You.

Edward Sumner
Dr. Edna Snyder
Liver Specialist
Jack Murray
Mary Ashby
Cardiology Specialist

Experienced Doctors Certified and High Quality
Doctors For You.

Consultant Doctor : American Board of Anti-Aging.

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    Anti-Aging Treatment | ชะลอวัย
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    Hormone Therapy | ฮอร์โมนบำบัด
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    Reverse Aging | ย้อนวัย
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    Healthy Aging | สูงวัย สุขภาพดี